Let's Rewind

Last year, DDCON brought together over 150 people together for 36 crazy hours in Atlanta, GA.
Our dancers brought raw energy and inspiration to the floor.
Through our shared passion for the arts, DDCON created a sense of community unlike any other.
This year, we're back and bigger than ever.

Our team

Shruti Patel, Director
Nikki Naik, Director
Chinmaya Sharma, Advisor
Anushka Panday, Logistics Assistant
Ramya Ramaraju, Communications Assistant
Avin Gupta, Events Assistant
Saager Buch, Finance Chair
Shivani Vasudev, Sponsorship & Grant Chair
Tasfia Kamal, Public Relations Chair
Manan Jobalia, Publicity Chair
Robina Ghosh, Branding and Media Specialist
Selima Ahmed, Logo Designer


Interested in sponsoring DDCON 2017?

We offer Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond tiers of sponsorship.

For more information, download our sponsorship packet.